Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just When You Thought It Was Gone ...

Good grief, why won’t AMC-TV’s The Killing--a disappointing American version of the popular Danish program Forbrydelsen--just go away? The show was officially cancelled last summer. Now, though, there are reports that AMC is conspiring with Netflix to develop a third season of The Killing, possibly for initial release through Netflix’s on-demand streaming media service.

Series stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are evidently already under contract to participate in a third season, so there’s no problem there. But how many people would give this resurrected drama another chance, after being so often let down by its storytelling?

Certainly not the folks at Omnimystery News.

In a recent post, they declared that showrunner Veena Sud’s further involvement in The Killing would be a deal-breaker. “The only way we’d return,” they insisted, “is if she publicly apologized for the way she handled the first two seasons of the series and then promised to create a positive viewer experience for the third season. Since that’s not likely to happen, we simply don’t have the time and energy to commit to being deceived again by her, and thus we’ll likely give the third season--if it comes to be--a pass.”

I regretfully agree.


Chad Eagleton said...

I didn't care after the first season. From what I've heard about the second, I obviously didn't miss anything.

Linda L. Richards said...

Looks like Linden might need to go sweater shopping after all!

J. Kingston Pierce said...

For the record, I should note that not everybody agrees with my negative assessment of AMC's The Killing. One Rap Sheet reader wrote in to say:

“I enjoy your blog but respectfully disagree re: The Killing. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two seasons and look forward to the third. I think your readers know where you stand on this show. Just when I thought you had moved on to fresher topics ...”

Another simply said of the show: “I liked it--despite the critics!!”

Everybody’’s entitled to his or her own opinion.


pattinase (abbott) said...

No offense to Seattle, but I could not take another season of endless rain.