Friday, July 27, 2012

So Much for That

File the following item under “Didn’t We All See This Coming?”: AMC-TV has cancelled The Killing, its etiolated and often turgid version of the Danish series Forbrydelsen, which drew such enthusiastic reviews during its English-subtitled run in Britain.

So, what went wrong with the American edition? Well, most significantly, AMC tried to squeeze as much story as it could out of The Killing’s original (but not that original, after all) story line: the hunt for the killer of a young Seattle girl named Rosie Larsen. Viewers sat through 13 hour-long episodes in Season 1, only to be told that they wouldn’t learn who committed the murder unless they dialed in for 13 more eps in this year’s Season 2. Like so many people, I gave up the show at that point. I never watched a single episode of The Killing’s sophomore season, though I did--finally!--find out whodunit.

READ MORE:AMC Cancels The Killing …One Season Too Late,” by Jeremy Lynch (Crimespree Magazine).

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