Monday, May 20, 2019

OK, Maybe I’ll Watch This One

During my youth, I was an almost indiscriminate viewer of television programs. Crime dramas, situation comedies, game shows, Saturday afternoon film reruns—it hardly mattered what was playing, I watched it. Yet over the last decade or so, I’ve pretty much given up on the small screen. Yes, I periodically tune in to the Amazon and Netflix streaming services, but outside of the Masterpiece Mystery! series, I almost never watch TV network offerings any longer.

However, the trailer for Stumptown, an ABC crime series touted during the recent TV upfronts and currently slated for broadcast at 10 p.m. on Wednesdays, may cause me to break my network fast.

Embedded below, it not only features a hilarious car fight scene set to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” but stars Canadian actress Cobie Smulders (who I always thought was underused in How I Met Your Mother) as Dex Parios, a sharp and ass-kicking Portland, Oregon, private eye who was originally introduced in a limited graphic-novel series by Greg Rucka. Very promising, I’d say.


michael said...

Like you I find broadcast network shows at best disappointing. STUMPTOWN main character reminds me of Wynonna Earp (SYFY), but considering the latest dreck from ABC such as TAKE TWO and WHISKEY CAVALIER my expectations remain low.

HonoluLou said...

Very Cool. I just may shelf my Joe Mannix DVDs for awhile! TXS, Lou

Art Taylor said...

Ha! This looks fun. :-)

Randal Brandt said...

Greg Rucka's STUMPDOWN graphic novel series is fantastic. But, I too am worried about network TV adapting it. I'd feel much better if it was a cable channel. But, I'll be watching!