Saturday, July 28, 2018

Well Worth Remembering

This has already been a big week for the birthdays of crime-fiction authors: Raymond Chandler’s was on Monday, John D. MacDonald’s was on Tuesday. And now let us celebrate what would have been Bill Crider’s 77th birthday. As blogger George Kelley reminds us, Crider took his first breaths on July 28, 1941, in the little town of Mexia, Texas. Sadly, Crider—best known for penning a series about Sheriff Dan Rhodes—passed away in February of this year from prostate cancer.

Many Rap Sheet readers knew Crider well. He was pretty universally thought of within the community of crime fictionists as a funny, generous, honest, and warm-hearted guy. It’s always distressing to see somebody of that caliber disappear from the world, but especially so at a time when avarice, hate, and mendacity seem in the ascendancy. I’m not religious, but if Bill’s spirit is indeed still around someplace, I hope he’s continuing to spread good will liberally.

And I look forward to the publication, next February, of the 26th and last Rhodes novel, That Old Scoundrel Death (Minotaur).

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Greg Daniel said...

I never met Bill (except via web comments and email) but I miss him very much. His "Pop Culture Magazine" is still my first surfing stop most days. I just follow his links to my other faves, like "The Rap Sheet."