Saturday, July 28, 2018

Recalling Green and Gryce

As far as I can tell, the results of Meldrum’s research have not yet been published in book form. But I look forward to reading her biography whenever it debuts. From In Reference to Murder:
The Vermont Historical Society will present Claire Meldrum with the Weston A. Cate Fellowship award for her research project Anna Katharine Green: A Biography. Meldrum’s book is a biography about nineteenth century American detective fiction author Anna Katharine Green, a seminal figure in American crime fiction, whose books helped give shape to the genre during its formative decades.
Drawing on her research, Meldrum already published an article titled “Dressing Up: Social Climbing, Criminality and Fashion in Anna Katharine Green’s Behind Closed Doors” in the Spring 2018 issue of Clues: A Journal of Detection. Behind Closed Doors (1888) was one of a dozen novels Green wrote about detective Ebenezer Gryce, introduced in her best-remembered book, The Leavenworth Case (1878).

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Elizabeth Foxwell said...

Sheridan College's Claire Meldrum, who has a book review in the upcoming Clues 36.2, has received the Alfred A. and Blanche W. Knopf Fellowship at UT Austin's Ransom Center as part of her work on her Anna Katharine Green biography: