Monday, May 21, 2018

I’ve Got You Covered

Today marks my debut on the still-new Web site CrimeReads, where I write about what any regular Rap Sheet reader knows is one of my favorite subjects: mid- to late-20th-century paperback artists.

CrimeReads senior editor Dwyer Murphy made contact with me in late November of last year. He let me know that this offshoot of the more established books site, Literary Hub, would be launching in the spring, and asked whether I’d be interested in contributing to its development. I was flattered. And it was so good to speak on the phone with an editor who seemed to know a great deal about crime fiction (as opposed to others who only hope the writers know their stuff), that I promptly agreed to drum up some story ideas for CrimeReads. Today’s piece, “12 Cover Artists Every Vintage Crime Lover Should Know,” is my first effort on the site’s behalf, but certainly not my last. I am already working on another article, which (fingers crossed!) should appear in early June.

If you haven’t already discovered the quite ambitious CrimeReads, consider this your opportunity to do so now.

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