Monday, June 27, 2016

Can We “Brighton” Your Day?

In mid-June we announced the terms of entry for The Rap Sheet’s latest book-giveaway contest. (Our fourth for this year, by the way.) The prizes were three copies of Michael Harvey’s excellent new Boston-set thriller, Brighton. After a random selection among the 80 entries we received, the winners have been chosen:

Michael Carter of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Helene Androski of Madison, Wisconsin
Ryan Gilbert of Brooklyn, New York

If you are among this fortunate trio, then congratulations! Your book should soon be winging its way to your mailbox, sent directly from Harvey’s publisher, Ecco. If your name doesn’t appear here, never fret: we are already working to arrange other such drawings.

1 comment:

Clinton Greaves said...

Fantastic book! The winners are in for a treat.