Thursday, June 23, 2016

Copycat Covers: You Do Get Around, Sir

A new entry in our series about remarkably look-alike book fronts.

The Detective and the Devil, by Lloyd Shepherd (Simon & Schuster UK, 2016); and Hell Bay, by Will Thomas (Minotaur, 2016).

Interestingly, that same little man with the cane also appeared on what looks to have been an early cover design for Sam Christer’s The House of Smoke (Sphere, 2016), seen below and on the left. But that book was eventually modified as shown below and on the right.

Even with that change, though, Christer’s historical novel about a criminal employee of the notorious Professor James Moriarty (yes, Sherlock Holmes’ archrival) cannot escape charges of imitation. You’ll find the very same tophatted gent, leaning into his cane, on the jacket of Will Thomas’ 2015 mystery, Anatomy of Evil (Minotaur)—only there, the figure conceals a long knife behind his back.

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