Monday, September 08, 2014

Welcome to the Clubber

It seems my small reminder late last week about author Craig McDonald’s book giveaway finally got the responses flowing in. I can now announce the names of that contest’s winners.

As I explained before, at the end of a recent “Story Behind the Story” post about his new Hector Lassiter novel, Forever’s Just Pretend (Betimes), McDonald wrote:
Now, here’s a challenge to all you Lassiter series readers: the first three people who can correctly identify the inspiration for the “Key West Clubber” killings in Forever’s Just Pretend will be rewarded with signed and numbered copies of the now über-rare, limited-edition hardcover version of Toros & Torsos, complete with the ‘booking sheet’ for yours truly and a personalized fingerprint.
So who did inspire the notorious “Key West Clubber”? It was an Ohio serial murderer known as the “Toledo Slugger” (or “Toledo Clubber”), who “terrorized Toledo’s population during 1925 and ’26, assaulting women, beating some of them to death and leaving others gravely wounded in the wake of his attacks.”

The first three correct answers came from these people, all of whom should soon be hearing from McDonald through the public mails:

Drew Lebby of Washington, D.C.
Michael S. Chong of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Greg Daniel of Palmetto, Florida

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this drawing.

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