Friday, September 05, 2014

What, You Don’t Like Free Books?

I realized today that nobody has yet taken author Craig McDonald up on his generous offer. At the end of a “Story Behind the Story” post he wrote for The Rap Sheet about his new Hector Lassiter novel, Forever’s Just Pretend (Betimes), McDonald wrote:

“Now, here’s a challenge to all you Lassiter series readers: the first three people who can correctly identify the inspiration for the “Key West Clubber” killings in Forever’s Just Pretend will be rewarded with signed and numbered copies of the now über-rare, limited-edition hardcover version of Toros & Torsos, complete with the ‘booking sheet’ for yours truly and a personalized fingerprint. Submit your answer in an e-mail note to And please be sure to write ‘Key West Clubber Contest’ in the subject line.

If you’ve picked up or read Forever’s Just Pretend, and would like to take a shot at entering McDonald’s contest, please do so soon. Click here to refer to the Rap Sheet post he wrote about that book.


Ray Garraty said...

A few years ago I asked Craig to send me copies of his first two novels for review. Craig responded and send them to me. The books got lost in the mail (I live ouside US). Craig, as a generous guy, sent them again - and they got lost the second time (strangely but since then I lost maybe no more than half a dozen packages). I didn't dare to ask the third time.
That said, even if I could enter this contest, I will not do so. If I win and Craig is to send me the book, there is a huge chance that the book will be lost again, it's like cursing. So I won't take a risk.
And good luck to all contestants.

Dorie Craig said...

I would enter but unfortunately have not previously read any of Mr. McDonald's books, so I have no way of answering the question. Tried to Google it but was unsuccessful.

Craig McDonald said...

Dorie: The previous books wouldn't help your quest either. If you read my post on the story behind the story I penned for The Rap Sheet recently, and pay close attention to the dates regarding the book's setting (maybe also check out the book trailer), you should have enough puzzle pieces to complete a Google quest.

Dorie Craig said...

Mr. McDonald, I did read the article you wrote quite a few times, read your blog, watched the book trailer, and Googled and read for about 1.5 hours every possible combination of Key West, murder, arson, 1920's and ball bat. I'm not already familiar with the history of crime in the Keys and unfortunately Google is not my friend today. Or maybe I'm just dumb, because I couldn't come up with even something to guess with.