Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Law, Morality, and Gangsters, Oh My

Jim Napier’s critique of Denise Mina’s new novel, Gods and Beasts, appears today in January Magazine. He writes, in part:
Gods and Beasts--the third Alex Morrow novel, after Still Midnight (2009) and The End of the Wasp Season (2011)--is the bleak narrative of a policing system that values paper-pushing administration over the efforts of front-line officers on streets dominated by savvy criminals who know how to exploit the policing system to shape public perceptions. The book is eloquent in its condemnation of a social system on the verge of collapse, a political system that imposes urban blight on the powerless while serving the desires of craven politicians, and a social system that goes through the motions of caring about those on the margins, but which is incapable of responding to their actual needs.
You’ll find the whole review here.

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