Tuesday, March 05, 2013

It Might as Well Be Spring*

It’s not too early to start making reading plans for the spring, is it? I mean, the colder and wetter days are starting to be fewer in number now (at least in Seattle), and the sun has commenced to show its face with less hesitation that was true only weeks ago. It all makes me think that the time is nearly ripe for sitting out on my front porch with a good crime novel in hand--and no need for blankets.

My Kirkus Reviews column this week looks at half a dozen works of mystery and thriller fiction, all soon to become available in U.S. stores and of likely interest to Rap Sheet readers. Books by James Thompson, Linda Barnes, Philip Kerr, and others are covered.

Click here to see what opportunities await you this coming season.

* With special thanks to Shirley Jones.

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