Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let’s Do the Numbers

I don’t often check the statistics regarding Rap Sheet readership, looking up how many people click onto the site every day, what they investigate among its contents, and the duration of their stays. However, after building up this blog now for more than six and a half years (!), I was curious to know which among its more than 5,300 posts have been the most visited. Thankfully, Blogger serves up such numbers with dispatch. Here, then, is the list of the 10 most popular Rap Sheet posts of all time:

1.The Return of Lisbeth Salander,” by Ali Karim
(January 2, 2009)
2.‘Money,’ Shot,” by Megan Abbott
(December 4, 2007)
3.Happy Birthday, Doctor Watson?,” by J. Kingston Pierce
(March 31, 2009)
4. “‘Richard Kimble Is Innocent’,” by J. Kingston Pierce
(August 30, 2007)
5.The Daggers Come Out,” by Ali Karim
(July 19, 2008)
6.Face Off,” by J. Kingston Pierce
(December 18, 2010)
7.When Covers Are Two of a Kind,” by J. Kingston Pierce
(May 27, 2006)
8.Bullet Points: Multimedia Edition,” by J. Kingston Pierce
(August 15, 2010)
9.Goodness Nose,” by Dick Adler
(May 4, 2011)
10.Summery Judgment 2011,” by J. Kingston Pierce
(June 1, 2011)

It will be up to somebody else to discern a pattern in all these stats; if there is one to find, it’s definitely eluding me. Meanwhile, please check out any of these posts you haven’t already enjoyed.

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