Thursday, November 01, 2012

Of Cleveland, Culling, and Christmas Reads

Well, it must be the beginning of another month, because UK critic, author, and boulevardier Mike Ripley is just up with a brand-new column of crime-fiction news in Shots. Let’s see, what has he readied for us this time? Oh, some remarks about last month’s Bouchercon. His thoughts on Ruth Dudley Edwards’ new Killing the Emperors. A mention of the first hardcover novel Len Deighton ever purchased. News that Jonathan Gash’s Lovejoy novels are soon to be reissued as trade paperbacks and e-books. Notices of forthcoming British mystery and thrillers (including Stuart Neville’s Ratlines and Sam Eastland’s The Red Moth. And, well, more lighthearted tittle-tattle than can be listed within the confines of this brief post.

Click on over to Ripley’s column to read all about it.

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