Tuesday, February 28, 2012

“Grift” Wraps

Iowa editor and author John Kenyon announced last September that he was creating a new, thrice-yearly print magazine called Grift, to premiere early in 2012. As he explained, Grift would feature “crime fiction, reviews, interviews, and more.”

Although he didn’t quite make his anticipated February release date (creating a periodical isn’t nearly so easy as some people may think), Kenyon reports that “We’re putting the finishing touches on the issue now, and I would expect it to be available starting in early to mid-March.” Among that edition’s contents will be short stories by Ken Bruen, Chris F. Holm, Craig McDonald, Keith Rawson, and Todd Robinson; Scott Phillips’ essay on Derek Raymond’s Factory novels; a piece by Ray Banks about the various film adaptations of Charles Willeford’s books; and interviews with authors Julie Morrigan and Chris Offutt. In other words, a pretty fine line-up.

Kenyon promises to post ordering information here soon.

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