Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Did You Win a Free Book Today?

I just returned late yesterday afternoon from Bouchercon 2011 in St. Louis, and still have much to do to catch up. The time away was energizing, rewarding, and comforting, and I shall have much more to say about some of the events later this week. For now, though, I need to thank January Magazine editor Linda L. Richards for taking over the Rap Sheet helm, and posting all of the awards results in a timely fashion, while I was off drinking and palling about.

I also need to announce the four winners--chosen at random from among the entries--of The Rap Sheet’s Hard Case Crime book-giveaway contest. As you’ll recall, we took it upon ourselves to dispense a single copy each of Hard Case’s four brand-new paperback novels: Lawrence Block’s Getting Off, Max Allan Collins’ Quarry’s Ex, Christa Faust’s Choke Hold, and The Consummata, by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins.

Here are the lucky book recipients:

• Scott F. Hartshorn of Hernando, Florida
• Andrew D. Eichner of Chicago, Illinois
• Barbara Workman of Auburn, Washington
• James Kelly of Nashville, Tennessee

Congratulations to all of these Rap Sheet readers. Your books will be sent out directly from the Hard Case offices in New York, and you should receive them shortly.

And thanks again to all who entered this drawing. We wish that everybody could win every time, but life doesn’t deal out such good fortune. Never fear, though, another book-giveaway competition is in the offing.

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