Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Proper Heyes-ing

Today on the Kirkus Reviews site, I begin a periodic series assessing older, sometimes out-of-print crime novels. This is similar to The Rap Sheet’s long-running “Books You Have to Read “ feature, only in this case I’ll be doing all of the critiquing myself.

My first book for consideration: screenwriter-producer Douglas Heyes’ unjustly forgotten, 1985 historical thriller, The Kill. You will find my write-up here. Please click over to enjoy that piece when you have a chance. And feel free to comment on Heyes, The Kill, or maybe my commentary about the author and his work.

In a curious coincidence, Bill Crider just reviewed Heyes’ debut novel, The Kiss-Off (1951), last week in his blog. During his 73 years, Heyes only penned three books--the second being The 12th of Never (1963)--and none of them was a bestseller or a classic of the genre. The fact that two different critics should be championing two different titles in successive weeks is rather remarkable, I think.

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Cozy in Texas said...

Interesting post. I was talking to an author the other day whose novels have been out of print for sometime and only used books available on Amazon. I'm hoping he will at least consider re-releasing them on Kindle.