Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mystery Makers of the Future

Ah, to be young and full of vigor and just on the threshold of making a life of crime. Rather, a life of crime writing. The British Crime Writers’ Association today released the names of “13 regional winners of its short-story competition for young people age 18 and under.” An overall winner in this contest will be announced during the UK’s National Crime Writing Week (June 13-19).

Here are the contenders:

“A Cordial Encounter,” by Charlotte Gordon, age 15, of Thurso
“A Cushion Out of Place,” by Claudia Hyde, age 15, of London
“The Photograph,” by George Neame, age 15, of Bognor Regis
“Reasons,” by Caroline Angus, age 14, of Carlisle
“A Girl I Once Knew,” by Beth Tucker, age 15, of Newton Abbot
“Reaction,” by Laura Aldworth-Beswick, age 16, of Manchester
“She’s a Rebel, She’s a Saint,” by Laura Waters, age 14, of Isle of Man
“Severing Ties,” by Jessica Cooper, age 17, of Nantwich
“The End,” by Lily Scanlan, age 17, of Invergordon
“The Witness,” by Emily Lumbard, age 11, of Bristol
“Button,” by Aileigh MacGregor, age 13, of Buckie
“Anarchy,” by Connor Sterling, age 13, of Darlington
“A Dreamer’s Nightmare,” by Rachael Wallis, age 17, of Frome

According to the CWA, “The winning entrant will receive an exciting package of prizes, including the opportunity to meet and mingle with best-selling crime writers at CrimeFest 2012 ... The final stage of the competition will be judged by Tom Harper, the 2010-11 Chair of the CWA, and multi-award winning crime writer Martin Edwards.”

Congratulations to all of the contestants.

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