Thursday, March 24, 2011

Right at Left

The 2011 Left Coast Crime convention kicked off today in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’m not attending, but there are plenty of other folks on hand for the festivities. One of those is librarian-blogger Lesa Holstine, who’s already put up two posts about Santa Fe (here and here), with the promise of more reporting on Left Coast Crime to come.

Check here for future installments. And if you spot coverage of the convention elsewhere, please drop a note into the Comments section of this post, telling everyone where to find it.

For non-attendees, the highlight of this year’s Left Coast Crime event will be the presentation of commendations on Saturday evening, March 26. Click here to find lists of nominees for the Lefty Award, the Bruce Alexander Memorial Historical Mystery Award, the Hillerman Sky Award, and the Watson Award. An announcement of the 2011 Dilys Award winner will also be made during Left Coast Crime. The list of contenders for that prize can be found here.

READ MORE: Deborah Harter Williams is posting her own Left Coast Crime updates in her blog, CluesSisters (here, here, here, and here); “Left Not-Quite-the-Coast Crime Report #1,” by Eric Beetner.

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