Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three with a Few Bullets

The folks behind that new Webzine, Crimefactory, are issuing mea culpas in great profusion for being tardy about releasing their latest edition (“it took us a little while to get our shit together and we ended up being a couple of weeks late on the issue”). But didn’t the last installment just appear in March? That seems pretty darn quick to us.

In any case, Crimefactory #3 includes fiction by Dennis Tafoya, Greg Bardsley, and Sandra Seamans, plus an excerpt from Jedidiah Ayres’ first novel, Peckerwood. There’s an interview with film director Nash Edgerton, the man behind The Square, an Aussie neo-noir project; as well as one with Peter Temple, the multiple-award-winning author of The Broken Shore and Truth, who goes one-on-one here with David Honeybone, the editor of the original print incarnation of Crime Factory. And of course, Issue #3 provides the proverbial “so much more,”

Click here to read it online or download it to an electronic device.

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