Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Temple Takes the Franklin

As Melbourne’s Herald Sun reported earlier today, Australian crime novelist Peter Temple “has won the 2010 Miles Franklin Literary Award, Australia’s premier literary prize.” The tabloid adds that “Temple’s crime fiction book, Truth, also makes history for being the first work of genre fiction to win the award, which was established in 1957.”

(Hat tip to Detectives Beyond Borders.)

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Peter Rozovsky said...

Much obliged for the hat tip. I've started Truth, and it seems like a worthy recipient of the prize so far.

The award, greeted with acclaim in the crime fiction community and with open-minded effort to understand by even some litheads who disagreed with it, did, however, occasion one blog comment that I won't quote or link to because it would expose the commenter to too much ridicule.

Suffice it to say that it behooves someone who scorns genre literature, even someone with so little understanding of it, in favor of the literary, to consult a dictionary before using unfamiliar words.