Saturday, April 24, 2010

And It Only Took 35 Years ...

Five months ago, we reported that the 1975-1976 NBC-TV whodunit, Ellery Queen was being prepared for DVD release. Now, the Web site TV Shows on DVD brings us the specifics about price and sale date for that series, which starred Jim Hutton as novelist-sleuth Ellery Queen and David Wayne as his police inspector father, Richard Queen.

Ellery Queen--The Complete Series will go on sale August 24, courtesy of E1 Entertainment. “E1 plans to deliver over 18 hours on 6 DVDs, in a box set which includes a collectible booklet,” explains TV Shows on DVD. “Total running time provided is 1,117 minutes. Video is in the original full-frame aspect ratios, with English audio and English subtitles as well. Cost is $59.98 SRP, per our contacts for the studio. Package art hasn’t been finalized yet, but stay tuned.”

This is one of those American crime dramas that, like Harry O, City of Angels, The Name of the Game, and many others, ought to have been released on DVD years ago. But better late than never.

We can hardly wait to “match wits with Ellery Queen” once more.


Bruce spinks said...

What about the series Smith? It was recently on DirecTV's 101 channel but can't find it on DVD anywhere. Great show that should have been saved. Bruce Spinks

Brian R. Sheridan said...

I HOPE these a uncut episodes with the "Match wits with Ellery Queen..." teaser at the beginning. Also, there is no mention of the 90 min pilot that was based on the Queen novel "Fourth Side of the Triangle" and sometimes called "Too Many Suspects." I don't think it was ever cut into 2 episodes for the series.

This is awesome news. I am hoping Steven Cannell's "City of Angels" is next for DVD. I - hopefully - will be interviewing him about the series for a academic paper and I will ask about the possibility.