Monday, February 04, 2008

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

If you love radio narrations of criminal tales, then you have a real treat ahead of you this week on BBC Radio 4. Every weekday the UK station will broadcast a new short story, each of them penned by a veteran crime writer and built around a distinctive location that becomes the scene of a crime. If you’re in Britain, you can listen in every day from 3:30 to 3:45 p.m. GMT. Or you can catch these shows via the Internet for up to seven days after their original broadcast. Click here for details about listening online.

The programming order goes this way, with episode descriptions provided courtesy of the BBC:

Monday, February 4: From the River’s Mouth, by Stella Duffy, read by Samantha Bond. ”The River Thames has been angered by those who refuse to cross to her southern shore, and she exacts her dreadful revenge. Recorded on location in the Greenwich foot tunnel and on the shore of the Thames.”

Tuesday, February 5: One Man Band, by Frances Fyfield, read by David Horovitch. “A man returns to the seafront where he suffered a callous punishment--and [was] shown great kindness--after 50 years. Recorded at Frances Fyfield’s home.”

Wednesday, February 6: The Best Little Country in the World, by Louise Welsh, read by Kenny Blyth. “Henryk and Tomas are newly arrived in Glasgow from Poland. They discover they’ve been the victims of a scam that threatens to leave them destitute. Tomas goes to find help, leaving Henryk alone.”

Thursday, February 7: Twelve Noon, by Sophie Hannah, read by Julia McKenzie. “A middle-aged woman is confronted by an enigmatic sign in her local supermarket car park. It seems to speak to her of a moral dilemma that she is determined to resolve.”

Friday, February 8: Blackfriars Bridge, by Anthony Horowitz, read by Robert Bathurst. “The detailed planning of a perfect crime is set against the sounds of Blackfriars Bridge.”

Again, click here to listen in online.

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