Sunday, September 13, 2020

PaperBack: “What Rhymes with Murder?”

Part of a series honoring the late author and blogger Bill Crider.

What Rhymes with Murder? by “Jack Iams,” aka Samuel Harvey Iams Jr. (Dell, 1952). According to the Vintage Paperback and Book Covers Facebook page, Jack Iams (1910-1990) was “an American crime writer who, before striking out under that pen name, was a reporter for the London Daily Mail. He then wrote for other newspapers—including The Daily News—and Newsweek. He became a television critic for the New York Herald Tribune and was an editor of Atlas magazine, which is now known as World Press Review.” What Rhymes with Murder? was the second novel he wrote starring Stanley “Rocky” Rockwell, known as the “fighting” city editor of The Record, an evening newspaper. The other two were Do Not Murder Before Christmas (1949) and A Shot of Murder (1950). Rockwell is just one of many fictional reporters who’ve made it their business to solve crimes.

What Rhymes with Murder? was part of Dell’s long-running “mapback” series. The cover painting is by James Meese.

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Gram said...

I loved those mapback maps!