Saturday, August 01, 2020

King and the Con Job

Like most e-mail users, I presume, I receive periodic messages from shady strangers. Sometimes those senders beg for my aid in unlocking great family treasures (which they promise to share with me), while on other occasions the notes promise me wonderfully wanton Asian or Russian brides. Knowing these are all unscrupulous efforts to pick my pockets, I immediately delete the messages.

But California novelist Laurie R. King (Riviera Gold) recently decided to “play along” with one of these unbidden correspondent, only to discover that she was in contact with “a very sophisticated scammer, who has done a lot of homework into his target.” Her adventure began with an invitation to the sender’s late-August wedding n Monaco, and led to … well, far be it from me to spoil her story’s ending.

King’s post about her exchanges can be enjoyed here.

(Hat tip to Linda L. Richards.)

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