Tuesday, February 04, 2020

More Morse-Related Endeavors

Series 7 of the Shaun Evans/Roger Allam historical crime drama, Endeavour—inspired by Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse books—is set to debut in Great Britain this coming Sunday night, with the first of three new episodes. While there hasn’t been much information released about this year’s story plots, the blog I Heart British TV offers a small handful of photos from the production, and reports that Episode 1 “begins on New Year’s Eve in 1970, ushering in a new decade. The Castle Gate CID team (where Morse is now working) is called onto the scene when a body is discovered on a canal towpath. The only clue they have is a witness who heard someone whistling.”

Click here to watch a trailer for Series 7, which I found originally on Chris Sullivan’s fine blog, Morse, Lewis and Endeavour.

Speaking of Sullivan, he just brought the news this week that his much-anticipated book, The Complete Inspector Lewis—focusing on the 2008-2015 series Lewis (aka Inspector Lewis), which was also a spin-off from the Morse yarns—has finally become available.

“For the moment,” he writes, “it is only available via Amazon for the Kindle. The paperback version should hopefully be up for sale very soon. The book has been over a year of my life. My only disappointment was not getting all the locations, especially the pubs [into the book]. I think I couldn’t identify four or five pubs. This is tied in with why it took longer than maybe it should have, as I was trying to get as many locations as possible but eventually I had to decide what was more important, getting the book out now after about 18 months of work on it, or keep trying to refine the book for another six months. I chose the former.”

As if this weren’t enough good news for Morse fans, ITV—the UK co-producer of Endeavour (with PBS-TV’s Masterpiece series in the States)—has confirmed that an eight series of that program is slated for development in the near future.

READ MORE: “Endeavour Series 7: British Magazine Articles” and “Endeavour Series 7: MORE, MORE British Magazine Articles,” by Chris Sullivan (Morse, Lewis and Endeavour).

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