Saturday, December 07, 2019

PaperBack: “Angel Eyes”

Part of a series honoring the late author and blogger Bill Crider.

Angel Eyes, by “Robert Dietrich,” aka E. Howard Hunt (Dell, 1961). Not to be confused with this new novel of the same title, Hunt’s Angel Eyes was the sixth of 10 hard-boiled tales, all penned by that CIA officer and future Watergate co-conspirator, and all featuring Steve Bentley, a gun-toting accountant (and later tax attorney) in Washington, D.C. Cover art by Robert McGinnis.


Glen Davis said...

Steve Bentley wasn't really a PI, he was a hard boiled CPA. In the final book of the series, he's a lawyer, too.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

You're right, Glen. I have now corrected the caption.


Upstate Crippler said...

Not to mention Loren D. Estleman's 1981 Amos Walker novel Angel Eyes

Kevin Burton Smith said...

Hunt, of course, was neck-deep in Watergate, one of the named co-conspirators.

Maybe Hunt should have stuck with writing about crime, instead of commiting it -- the Bentley books are pretty good.

Shows how times have changed, and literacy has plummeted. Somehow I doubt either Giuliani or Nunes have it in them to write even one decent book. They're saving all their fictions for court, I guess.