Monday, September 16, 2019

Saving Celluloid Sherlocks

I hadn’t realized that so many early film adaptations of Sherlock Holmes stories were endangered. From In Reference to Murder:
According to the L.A. Times, two venerable institutions are throwing their energies behind a search for lost Sherlock Holmes films. The UCLA Film & Television Archive and the Baker Street Irregulars are on a mission to recover and restore missing Holmes films from the silent era and beyond. Finding the bygone works will involve the Library of Congress, New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and historians, collectors, and national film archives in Britain, Germany, France and other countries. Previous such efforts have located a missing 1916 Holmes production starring American actor William Gillette, which turned up in 2014 in Paris.
Click here to read more about what’s at stake.

READ MORE:Lost ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Film Shot in Chicago from 1916 Found in France,” by Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune).

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