Saturday, April 13, 2019

For Fans of Chan

Let’s welcome a new mystery fiction-oriented blog to the Web. Cleveland, Ohio, author and former U.S. Air Force postman Lou Armagno e-mailed me recently, saying that he’d launched The Postman on Holiday this past January. “It is,” he explains, ‘a place to explore all things surrounding [Honolulu] Detective Charlie Chan, his creator Earl Derr Biggers, and their connection with Hawaii, Cleveland, and mystery fiction.’ I blog once a month, with a lean towards the literary side.”

To date, he’s penned posts about such subjects as Biggers’ references in his fiction to real-life people and places, and the often witty aphorisms to be found in the Chan canon. (That latter subject, by the way, is covered in greater depth on the Chan Family Home Web site, to which Armagno also contributes.)

In addition, Armagno notes, the blog “act[s] as depository for The Charlie Chan Family Home Annual Newsletter. Our 2018 edition is 17 pages, and covers significant events during the year.”

I’ve already gone ahead and added The Postman on Holiday to the blogrolls of both The Rap Sheet and Killer Covers.

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