Sunday, October 07, 2018

Double the “Burke’s”

My “Subscriptions” page on YouTube has recently been full with episodes of Burke’s Law, the best-remembered, 1963-1966 series as well as the 1994-1995 revival. Starring in both was Gene Barry, who played Amos Burke, the suave and savvy millionaire captain of the Los Angeles police homicide division. (Oddly, the third season of the original show transformed Burke from a detective into a spy.) There’s no question that the 1963 version is the better Burke’s, but both featured name-brand stars among their guest performers, including Zsa Zsa Gabor, William Shatner, Elizabeth Montgomery, Gloria Swanson, Robert Guillaume, Adam West, Shirley Jones, and Brian Keith.

You can click here to watch many of the old Burke’s Law episodes, and click here to find all 27 of the revival shows. But it’s best to act quickly; YouTube has a habit of eradicating videos that infringe on even the dustiest old copyrights.

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