Monday, October 22, 2018

Back to “Blue”

I first heard about this project from The Killing Times. But now In Reference to Murder brings confirmation that a sequel to the 1993-2005 TV cop drama NYPD Blue is currently in the works:
Another classic series is coming back to television without rebooting its entire universe—in fact, it’s killing off a major character. NYPD Blue is getting a revival, but the premise revolves around the death of original series protagonist [Sergeant] Andy Sipowicz (played by Dennis Franz). The new show would be based on Theo Sipowicz, who followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued law enforcement. His goal is to earn his shield as a detective and investigate crime out of his dad’s old 15th precinct, including using his NYPD resources to investigate his dad’s murder.
Sadly, original series co-creator Steven Bochco won’t be around to help with this revival. He died earlier this year at age 74.

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John said...

This was a great show and I hope the new version does it justice.