Thursday, May 31, 2018

Stotter Returns to His Print Roots

Mike Stotter may be best known for his work as editor-in-chief of the crime-fiction Webzine Shots, or else as the Dagger awards liaison officer with the British Crime Writers’ Association. However, he also pens Western thrillers and is the co-publisher of Piccadilly Publishing, an enterprise specializing in reissues of out-of-print Western fiction as well as the release of newly commissioned work.

When I heard that Piccadilly was set to release the first edition of Head West!, a new Western-themed print magazine, I had to smile. The reason? Because Shots, like Head West!, started out as a hardcopy publication, but long ago went digital. Stotter, it seems, has now come full circle as far as his association with periodicals goes.

Anyway, what’s Head West! all about? Here’s the publicity blurb:
The first issue of Piccadilly Publishing's new Western-themed magazine, Head West! contains something for all lovers of the genre! Edited by Ben Bridges, there are interviews by David Whitehead, a feature on creating Piccadilly Publishing covers by artist supreme Tony Masero, a personal take on the Western by Linda Pendleton, a behind-the-scenes look at PP’s first Western movie, Vermijo, by director Paul Vernon, and fiction from the likes of Jake Henry, D.M. McGowan, and M. James Earl. Fully illustrated throughout, this is sure to become a collector’s item!
Get a paperback copy of the Summer 2018 issue by clicking here.

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