Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Good-byes and Greetings

And, of course, since it’s the start of a new month, Shots has posted a fresh “Getting Away with Murder” column by Mike Ripley.

Included among The Ripster’s sundry subjects: notes on both last month’s funeral for Philip Kerr (about which Ali Karim wrote previously) and a memorial service for Colin Dexter (who died in 2017); word of the latest releases by such authors as Andrew Taylor, Belinda Bauer, Henry Porter, and Alex Reeve; remarks on the dubious eminence of the old Sexton Blake series; and news that Kenneth Royce’s first two adventures starring cat burglar-cum-British intelligence agent have been reissued as Top Notch Thrillers by Ostara Publishing.

READ MORE:Colin Dexter’s Memorial Service: Colin, a Jewel Who Was Ours,” by Chris Sullivan (Morse, Louis and Endeavour).

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