Friday, March 30, 2018

Sunny Days Are Coming

This is a genuine surprise. From The Real Book Spy:
In 1999, Robert B. Parker introduced his readers to Sunny Randall, a Boston-based private eye who is as beautiful as she is smart, in Family Honor.

Family Honor, Parker went on to release five more Sunny novels before passing away in 2010. His last book in this series, Spare Change, was released in 2007. Since his passing, Parker’s estate has commissioned veteran authors such as Ace Atkins (Spenser), Reed Ferrel Coleman (Jesse Stone), and Robert Knott (Virgil and Everett) to keep his other bestselling franchises going. Together, they’ve sold over a million copies of books from Parker’s universe in the last decade.

With Spenser, Stone, plus Virgil and Everett going strong, readers have long wondered what might come of Parker’s only female protagonist ...

For years, especially on social media where a poll was placed on Robert B. Parker’s official page, fans have asked, wondered, and expressed their desire for Sunny to return. Now, ten years since Parker’s last Randall book hit store shelves, established sports novelist Mike Lupica, who was also a longtime friend of Parker, is set to continue Sunny’s story in
Robert B. Parker’s Blood Feud.
This novel is due out in November from publisher Putnam.

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Kevin R. Tipple said...

This is good news. I enjoyed the series.