Sunday, March 18, 2018

Another Record for the Books

Well, this is embarrassing. I noticed a couple of months ago that, according to our Blogger software, we were coming near to putting up our 7,000th post here at The Rap Sheet. I kept track for a while as that milestone approached. But then just as the crucial time arrived, I got busy and failed to check in. As it turns out, this post in our new “PaperBack” series was the 7,000th entry on the page.

I want to thank all of The Rap Sheet’s regular contributors, as well as our many guest posters over the years, for making this blog the valuable resource it has become. I couldn’t have been nearly so prolific or informative as we all have been together.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Congrats, Jeff!

Icewineanne said...

That’s wonderful Jeff! My heartfelt congratulations on your 7,000th milestone. Your column is a brilliant resource & very entertaining. I hope to keep reading it for many many years to come.

Dana King said...

Well dine, sir. Well done. And much appreciated.