Tuesday, September 19, 2017

“Five” Comes to the Fore

Heads up, all you Harlan Coben fans. From Variety:
Netflix subscribers in the U.S. and Canada [can] tune in to mystery-thriller Harlan Coben’s The Five after the streaming service scooped the North American rights to the series.

The series was produced and is set in the UK, where it went out on pay-TV service Sky. It marked bestselling author Coben’s move into TV, and follows a group of friends as they discover that the brother of one them, who vanished years earlier, may still be alive after his DNA turns up at a murder scene.
This suspenseful serial made its debut on Netflix last Friday. You can watch a video introduction to The Five here.

(Hat tip to B.V. Lawson’s In Reference to Murder.)


Bill Crider said...

I've watched the first three episodes. It's fun. More twists than a Slinky.

Anne said...

I watched it this weekend. It isn't bad. The ending seemed a bit more contrived than I expected, but it was fun.