Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Summer Reading Forecast:
Sunny with a Probability of Homicide

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before (I don’t think I have told it in print), but for most of my adult life I thought my younger brother, Matt, didn’t read books. Needless to say, this was rather frustrating to me, as I’d devoted a significant portion of my professional career to reviewing and writing books. Matt and I had been reared in the same household, with parents who read widely and bookcases plentifully stocked with volumes of fiction and non-fiction. There seemed to be no reason he should have dodged the reading bug that so infected me. Yet the shelves in his various apartments over the years, and later in his house, were sparsely occupied, and what works they did contain (including a copy of Donald Trump’s ghostwritten 1987 memoir, The Art of the Deal) hardly suggested a mind ripe for intellectual or imaginative explorations.

Then came a Christmas when I was stumped for gift ideas. I finally decided to break my self-imposed prohibition against giving Matt books (thinking he would never crack them open), and presented him with a colorfully wrapped-and-bowed novel. Wonder of wonders, a couple of weeks later he phoned to say how much he’d enjoyed the story. I could hardly believe my ears! Not wanting to jinx anything, I didn’t make a big to-do of this development, but I did ask him what it was about the book he’d most enjoyed. Armed with that scant information, when his next birthday rolled around, I bought him two books—and again, he polished them off in short order. Since then, I have made it a life’s mission to fill my brother Matt’s bookcases (he now has more than one) with novels I’ve read and enjoyed. In return, he calls me periodically with playful complaints about having had to postpone chores, get-togethers with friends, and other activities in order to finish a chapter or two of whatever he’s reading.

What I have realized over time is that Matt wasn’t averse to reading; he was just wary of choosing his own books, not wanting to fork over money for something he wasn’t guaranteed to enjoy. He needed a quality-control expert, and that’s what I have become—enthusiastically, I should say. He seems to trust my opinion as regards fiction (I still haven’t persuaded him to delve much into non-fiction), and will now tackle pretty much any book … provided I give it my approval beforehand.

I can understand why people have trouble settling on what to read next, if only because there are so many choices. Despite concerns that escalating printing costs and the burgeoning of e-books would kill off novels in print, there are still hundreds of thousands of bound literary and genre works put into circulation every year in the United States. During just the next three months of summer, for instance, Americans can look forward to the appearance of new creations by Don Winslow (The Force), Joseph Kanon (Defectors), Anthony Horowitz (Magpie Murders), Laurie R. King (Lockdown), Donald E. Westlake (Forever and a Death), Jordan Harper (She Rides Shotgun), Benjamin Black (Wolf on a String), Ruth Ware (The Lying Game), Michael Connelly (The Late Show), Julia Keller (Fast Falls the Night), Bill Crider (Dead, to Begin With), Andrew Gross (The Saboteur), Peter Robinson (Sleeping in the Ground), and Daniel Silva (House of Spies). Residents of the UK, meanwhile, can expect to witness the debuts of David Hewson’s Sleep Baby Sleep, Abir Mukherjee’s A Necessary Evil, Kristina Ohlsson’s Buried Lies, Deon Meyer’s Fever, Stephen Booth’s Dead in the Dark, Nicci French’s Sunday Morning Coming Down, Andrew Martin’s Soot, Fred Vargas’ The Accordionist, and Peter Høeg’s The Susan Effect.

Below, are listed more than 370 works—scheduled to reach bookshops on both sides of the Atlantic between now and late August—that ought to be of great interest to followers of crime, mystery, and thriller fiction. These selections demonstrate the tremendous breadth of storytelling available within the genre, from hard-boiled private-eye yarns and espionage adventures to tales of suspense and whodunits of the cozier sort. (If you need more suggestions, check out The Bloodstained Bookshelf and Euro Crime.) And while they may draw inquisitive glances from onlookers, should you be caught nose-deep in them on a beach, by a swimming pool, or in a sidewalk café this summer, not a single volume here is likely to cause you embarrassment. When I visit my brother in the coming weeks, I shall pick a couple of these books to add to his fair-weather enjoyment. Cheapskate that he is, Matt still won’t buy his own reading material. But I can’t complain. It’s a small cost to pay for seeing my brother turned into the reader I always hoped he would be.

Non-fiction titles appear below with asterisks (*). The rest are fiction.

JUNE (U.S.):
The Alice Network, by Kate Quinn (Morrow)
American Static, by Tom Pitts (Down & Out)
Ash Falls, by Warren Read (Ig)
Bad Housekeeping, by Maia Chance (Crooked Lane)
Berlin Red, by Sam Eastland (Opus)
The Birdwatcher, by William Shaw (Mulholland)
Blackout, by Marc Elsberg (Sourcebooks Landmark)
Blacky Jaguar Against the Cool Clux Cult, by Angel Luis Colón (Shotgun Honey)
Blood for Wine, by Warren C. Easley (Poisoned Pen Press)
Boundary: The Last Summer, by Andrée A. Michaud (Biblioasis)
Camino Island, by John Grisham (Doubleday)
The Castle, by Jason Pinter (Armina Press)
Cast the First Stone, by James W. Ziskin (Seventh Street)
The Child, by Fiona Barton (Berkley)
The Crime Writer, by Jill Dawson (Harper Perennial)
Criminal Economics, by Eric Beetner (Down & Out)
Dangerous Minds, by Janet Evanovich (Bantam)
The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes, by Leonard Goldberg (Minotaur)
Dead Certain, by Adam Mitzner (Thomas & Mercer)
Deadly Game, by Matt Johnson (Orenda)
Dead Reckoning, by Glenis Wilson (Severn House)
Death on Nantucket, by Francine Mathews (Soho Crime)
Death Scene, by Jane A. Adams (Severn House)
Defectors, by Joseph Kanon (Atria)
The Destroyers, by Christopher Bollen (Harper)
DIS MEM BER and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense, by Joyce Carol Oates (Mysterious Press)
The Dog Walker, by Lesley Thomson (Head of Zeus)
Do Not Become Alarmed, by Maile Meloy (Riverhead)
Down on the Street, by Alec Cizak (ABC/Down & Out)
The Drowned Girls, by Loreth Anne White (Montlake Romance)
Eleventh Hour, by M.J. Trow (Crème de la Crime)
The End of Temperance Dare, by Wendy Webb (Lake Union)
Every Last Lie, by Mary Kubica (Park Row)
Fatal Facade, by Wendy Tyson (Henery Press)
Fatal Forgeries, by Ritter Ames (Henery Press)
Fateful Mornings, by Tom Bouman (Norton)
Final Target, by John Gilstrap (Kensington)
The Force, by Don Winslow (Morrow)
Forever and a Death, by Donald E. Westlake (Hard Case Crime)
The Fourth Monkey, by J.D. Barker (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
The Furthest Station, by Ben Aaronovitch (Subterranean)
Girl Last Seen, by Nina Laurin (Grand Central)
Gitmo, by Shawn Corridan and Gary Waid (Down & Out)
Give Up the Dead, by Joe Clifford (Oceanview)
The Good Widow, by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke (Lake Union)
Guilty Deeds, by Scott D. Smith (Promontory Press)
Hardcastle’s Runaway, by Graham Ison (Severn House)
Hell’s Detective, by Michael Logan (Crooked Lane)
Here and Gone, by Haylen Beck (Crown)
The Himalayan Codex, by Bill Schutt and J.R. Finch (Morrow)
The Homecoming, by Alan Russell (Thomas & Mercer)
Knife Creek, by Paul Doiron (Minotaur)
Lagniappe, by Les Edgerton (Down & Out)
The Last Kid Left, by Rosecrans Baldwin (MCD/Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
The Last Place You Look, by Kristen Lepionka (Minotaur)
Lockdown, by Laurie R. King (Bantam)
Love Like Blood, by Mark Billingham (Atlantic Monthly Press)
Magpie Murders, by Anthony
Horowitz (Harper)
Maigret Takes a Room, by Georges Simenon (Penguin)
The Marsh King’s Daughter, by Karen Dionne (Putnam)
MatchUp, edited by Lee Child (Simon & Schuster)
The Mentor, by Lee Matthew Goldberg (Thomas Dunne)
Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore, by Matthew Sullivan (Scribner)
Miles Off Course, by Sulari Gentill (Poisoned Pen Press)
Monster (Graphic Novel), by Jonathan Kellerman; art by Michael Gaydos (Ballantine)
Murder in Saint-Germain, by Cara Black (Soho Crime)
Murder on Black Swan Lane, by Andrea Penrose (Kensington)
No Turning Back, by Tracy Buchanan (Crooked Lane)
Odd Numbers, by Anne Holt (Scribner)
On Copper Street, by Chris Nickson (Severn House)
The One-Eyed Judge, by Michael Ponsor (Open Road)
Orkney Twilight, by Clare Carson (Head of Zeus)
The Owl Always Hunts at Night, by Samuel Bjørk (Penguin)
Pendulum, by Adam Hamdy (Quercus)
Proof, by C.E. Tobisman (Thomas & Mercer)
The RagTime Traveler, by Larry Karp and Casey Karp
(Poisoned Pen Press)
Raw Wounds, by Matt Hilton (Severn House)
Red Sky, by Chris Goff (Crooked Lane)
The Right Side, by Spencer Quinn (Atria)
She Rides Shotgun, by Jordan Harper (Ecco)
Shiver Hitch, by Linda Greenlaw (Minotaur)
The Silent Corner, by Dean Koontz (Bantam)
The Sisters Chase, by Sarah Healy (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
Smith, by Timothy J. Lockhart (Stark House)
The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter, by Theodora
Goss (Saga Press)
The Substitute, by Nicole Lundrigan (Spiderline)
The Switch, by Joseph Finder (Dutton)
Take Out, by Margaret Maron (Grand Central)
The Templars’ Last Secret, by Martin Walker (Knopf)
Theory of the Case, by T.R. Pearson (T.R. Pearson)
Thrill Kill, by Don Bruns (Severn House)
Trap the Devil, by Ben Coes (St. Martin’s Press)
The Tunnel, by Carl-Johan Vallgren (Quercus)
The Ultimatum, by Karen Robards (Mira)
Undertow, by Elizabeth Heathcote (Park Row)
The Weight of Lies, by Emily Carpenter (Lake Union)
The Weight of Night, by Christine Carbo (Atria)
What the Dead Leave Behind, by David Housewright (Minotaur)
Wolf on a String, by Benjamin Black (Henry Holt)
The Wrong Suspect, by Leigh Russell (Thomas & Mercer)
You Belong to Me, by Colin Harrison (Sarah Crichton)
You’ll Never Know, Dear, by Hallie Ephron (Morrow)
Zero Sum, by Barry Eisler (Thomas & Mercer)

An Act of Silence, by Colette McBeth (Wildfire)
Aurore, by Graham Hurley (Head of Zeus)
The Binding Song, by Elodie Harper (Mulholland)
The Boneyard, by Mark Sennen (Avon)
Broken River, by J. Robert Lennon (Serpent’s Tail)
Buried Lies, by Kristina Ohlsson (Simon & Schuster UK)
The Circus Train Conspiracy, by Edward Marston (Allison & Busby)
Dark Chapter, by Winnie M Li (Legend Press)
Dark Dawn Over Steep House, by M.R.C. Kasasian (Head of Zeus)
The Dark Isle, by Clare Carson (Head of Zeus)
The Deepest Grave, by Harry Bingham (Orion)
Exile, by James Swallow (Zaffre)
Fever, by Deon Meyer (Hodder & Stoughton)
The Final Hour, by Tom Wood (Sphere)
Framed, by Ronnie O’Sullivan (Orion)
The Health of Strangers, by Lesley Kelly (Sandstone Press)
Herring in the Smoke, by L.C. Tyler (Allison & Busby)
The Honeymoon, by Tina Seskis (Penguin)
Jack the Ripper: Case Closed, by Gyles Brandreth (Corsair)
The Killing Connection, by T.F. Muir (Constable)
The Last Cut, by Danielle Ramsay (Mulholland)
The Lost Girl, by Carol Drinkwater (Michael Joseph)
Mad, by Chloé Esposito (Michael Joseph)
Malice, by Hugh Fraser (Urbane)
Master, Liar, Traitor, Friend, by Christoffer Carlsson (Scribe UK)
The Mayfly, by James Hazel (Zaffre)
A Necessary Evil, by Abir Mukherjee (Harvill Secker)
Night of the Lightbringer, by Peter Tremayne (Headline)
One Bad Turn, by Sinéad Crowley (Quercus)
One Little Mistake, by Emma Curtis
(Black Swan)
Only Human, by Kristine Næss (Harvill Secker)
The Paper Cell, by Louise Hutcheson (Contraband)
The Reluctant Contact, by Stephen Burke (Hodder & Stoughton)
Rooted in Evil, by Ann Granger (Headline)
Shattered Minds, by Laura Lam (Macmillan)
Sherlock Holmes: The Labyrinth of Death, by James
Lovegrove (Titan)
Sleep Baby Sleep, by David Hewson (Macmillan)
Sweet After Death, by Valentina Giambanco (Quercus)
Sweet Dreams, by T.J. Spade (MoshPit)
Sweet Little Lies, by Caz Frear (Zaffre)
Threads of Suspicion, by Dee Henderson (Bethany House)
Three Drops of Blood and a Cloud of Cocaine, by Quentin Mouron (Bitter Lemon Press)
Troll, by D.B. Thorne (Corvus)
Trust Me, by Angela Clarke (Avon)
The Wages of Sin, by Kaite Welsh (Tinder Press)
Wolves in the Dark, by Gunnar Staalesen (Orenda)

JULY (U.S.):
Afterlife, by Marcus Sakey (Thomas & Mercer)
Another Man’s Ground, by Claire Booth (Minotaur)
Arrowood, by Mick Finlay (Mira)
Beautiful Animals, by Lawrence Osborne (Hogarth)
Betrayal at Iga, by Susan Spann (Seventh Street)
Blame, by Jeff Abbott (Grand Central)
Bone White, by Ronald Malfi (Kensington)
The Boy Who Saw, by Simon Toyne (Morrow)
The Breakdown, by B.A. Paris (St. Martin’s Press)
Bring Her Home, by David Bell (Berkley)
The Cardinal’s Court, by Cora Harrison (History Press)
Carolina Crimes: 21 Tales of Need, Greed, and Dirty Deeds, edited by Nora Gaskin Esthimer (Down & Out)
Child of My Winter, by Andrew Lanh (Poisoned Pen Press)
China Strike, by Matt Rees (Crooked Lane)
City of Masks, by S.D. Sykes (Pegasus)
The Cleaner, by Elisabeth Herrmann (Manilla/Bonnier Zaffre)
Cold Hearted River, by Keith McCafferty (Viking)
Collared, by David Rosenfelt (Minotaur)
Dark Water, by Parker Bilal (Bloomsbury USA)
Day of the Dead, by Mark Roberts (Head of Zeus)
Death on Delos, by Gary Corby (Soho Crime)
The Devil’s Muse, by Bill Loehfelm (Sarah Crichton)
A Distant View of Everything, by Alexander McCall Smith (Pantheon)
Domina, by L.S. Hilton (Putnam)
Down a Dark Road, by Linda Castillo (Minotaur)
Every Day Above Ground, by Glen Erik Hamilton (Morrow)
The Fallen, by Ace Atkins (Putnam)
Fierce Kingdom, by Gin Phillips (Viking)
Final Girls, by Riley Sager (Dutton)
Fire and Ashes, by Elaine Viets (Thomas & Mercer)
Flashmob, by Christopher Farnsworth (Morrow)
Fox Hunter, by Zoë Sharp (Pegasus)
A Game of Ghosts, by John Connolly (Atria/Emily Bestler)
Glass Souls, by Maurizio de Giovanni (Europa Editions)
The Goddesses, by Swan Huntley (Doubleday)
House of Spies, by Daniel Silva (Harper)
Incarnate, by Josh Stolberg (Atria/
Emily Bestler)
The Incredible Crime, by Lois Austen-Leigh (Poisoned Pen Press)
The Inside Dark, by James Hankins (Thomas & Mercer)
Killing Is My Business, by Adam Christopher (Tor)
The Lake, by Lotte and Søren Hammer (Bloomsbury USA)
The Last Hack, by Christopher Brookmyre (Atlantic Monthly Press)
The Late Show, by Michael Connelly (Little, Brown)
Let the Dead Speak, by Jane Casey (Minotaur)
The Library of Light and Shadow, by M.J. Rose (Atria)
The Lies We Tell, by Theresa Schwegel (Minotaur)
The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again!, by Catharina
Ingelman-Sundberg (Harper)
Look Behind You, by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen
(St. Martin’s Press)
London Spy, by Tom Rob Smith (Simon & Schuster UK)
The Lost Ones, by Sheena Kamal (Morrow)
LoveMurder, by Saul Black (St. Martin’s Press)
The Lying Game, by Ruth Ware (Gallery/Scout Press)
Maigret and the Tall Woman, by Georges Simenon (Penguin)
The Marriage Pact, by Michelle Richmond (Bantam)
Moskva, by Jack Grimwood (Thomas Dunne)
Murder at Chateau sur Mer, by Alyssa Maxwell (Kensington)
Murder in Mayfair, by D.M. Quincy (Crooked Lane)
My Sister’s Bones, by Nuala Ellwood (Morrow)
The Painted Queen, by Elizabeth Peters and Joan Hess (Morrow)
Paradise Valley, by C.J. Box (Minotaur)
Penance of the Damned, by Peter Tremayne (Minotaur)
Penhale Wood, by Julia Thomas (Midnight Ink)
Perish from the Earth, by Jonathan F. Putnam (Crooked Lane)
Persons Unknown, by Susie Steiner (Random House)
The Reason You’re Alive, by Matthew Quick (Harper)
The Rogue Agent, by Daniel Judson (Thomas & Mercer)
Ruined Stones, by Eric Reed (Poisoned Pen Press)
The Secrets She Keeps, by Michael Robotham (Scribner)
Shallow Grave, by Brian Thiem (Crooked Lane)
Shoreline, by Carolyn Baugh (Forge)
The Smack, by Richard Lange (Mulholland)
Soho Dead, by Greg Keen (Thomas & Mercer)
Soul Cage, by Tetsuya Honda (Minotaur)
Stillhouse Lake, by Rachel Caine (Thomas & Mercer)
A Talent for Murder, by Andrew Wilson (Atria)
The State Counsellor, by Boris Akunin (Mysterious Press)
Ten Dead Comedians, by Fred Van Lente (Quirk)
The Third Nero, by Lindsey Davis (Minotaur)
A Thousand Cuts, by Thomas Mogford (Bloomsbury USA)
Three Minutes, by Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström (Quercus)
Trophy, by Steffen Jacobsen (Arcade)
The Trout, by Peter Cunningham (Arcade)
Two Nights, by Kathy Reichs (Bantam)
Unquiet Ghosts, by Glenn Meade (Howard)
Watch Me Disappear, by Janelle Brown (Spiegel & Grau)
What She Saw, by Gerard Stembridge (Harper)
The Woman from Prague, by Rob Hart (Polis)

After I’ve Gone, by Linda Green (Quercus)
Dandy Gilver and a Spot of Toil and Trouble, by Catriona McPherson (Hodder & Stoughton)
Dead in the Dark, by Stephen Booth (Sphere)
Death Knocks Twice, by Robert Thorogood (HQ)
Down for the Count, by Martin Holmén (Pushkin Vertigo)
Dying to Live, by Michael Stanley (Orenda)
The Four Horsemen, by Gregory Dowling (Polygon)
Friend Request, by Laura Marshall (Sphere)
Girl Zero, by A.A. Dhand (Bantam Press)
Give Me the Child, by Mel McGrath (HQ)
The Hidden Room, by Stella Duffy (Virago)
I Am Missing, by Tim Weaver (Penguin)
Last Seen Alive, by Claire Douglas (Penguin)
Mr. Campion’s Abdication, by Mike Ripley (Severn House)
My Name Is Nobody, by Matthew Richardson (Michael Joseph)
The Orphans, by Annemarie Neary (Hutchinson)
The Other Twin, by L.V. Hay (Orenda)
Perfect Prey, by Helen Fields (Avon)
The Pinocchio Brief, by Abi Silver (Lightning)
Playing with Death, by Simon Scarrow and Lee Francis (Headline)
Russian Roulette, by Sara Sheridan (Constable)
Soot, by Andrew Martin (Corsair)
The Spy’s Daughter, by Adam Brookes (Sphere)
Sunday Morning Coming Down, by Nicci French (Michael Joseph)
Then She Was Gone, by Lisa Jewell (Century)
They All Fall Down, by Tammy Cohen (Black Swan)
Three Days and a Life, by Pierre Lemaitre (MacLehose Press)
To Kill the President, by Sam Bourne (HarperCollins)
Unquiet Spirits, by Bonnie MacBird (Collins Crime Club)
Walk in Silence, by J.G. Sinclair (Faber and Faber)
Watching You, by Arne Dahl (Harvill Secker)
Woman of State, by Simon Berthon (HQ)
You Don’t Know Me, by Brooke Magnanti (Orion)

The Address, by Fiona Davis (Dutton)
All the Beautiful People We Once Knew, by Edward Carlson (Skyhorse)
The Amber Shadows, by Lucy Ribchester (Pegasus)
Among the Dead, by J.R. Backlund (Crooked Lane)
Are You Sleeping, by Kathleen Barber (Gallery)
An Army of One, by Tony Schumacher (Morrow)
Atlanta Noir, edited by Tayari Jones (Akashic)
Beautiful Criminals, by Eric Tipton and Susanna Rosenblum (Atria/Emily Bestler)
A Beautiful Poison, by Lydia Kang (Lake Union)
Beer and Gasoline, by John Knoerle (Blue Steel Press)
Best Intentions, by Erika Raskin (St. Martin’s Press)
The Blinds, by Adam Sternbergh (Ecco)
Bosstown, by Adam Abramowitz (Thomas Dunne)
City of Saviors, by Rachel Howzell Hall (Forge)
The Color of Fear, by Marcia Muller (Grand Central)
A Dark and Broken Heart, by R.J. Ellory (Overlook Press)
The Dark Net, by Benjamin Percy (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
Dark River Rising, by Roger Johns (Minotaur)
Dead Man’s Bridge, by Robert J. Mrazek (Crooked Lane)
Dead, to Begin With, by Bill Crider (Minotaur)
Death by His Grace, by Kwei Quartey (Soho Crime)
Dog Dish of Doom, by E.J. Copperman (Minotaur)
The Driver, by Hart Hanson (Dutton)
The Dying Game, by Asa Avdic (Penguin)
Emma in the Night, by Wendy Walker (St. Martin’s Press)
Exposed, by Lisa Scottoline (St. Martin’s Press)
Family Values, by G.M. Ford (Thomas & Mercer)
Fast Falls the Night, by Julia Keller (Minotaur)
A Fragile Thing, by Kevin Wignall (Thomas & Mercer)
Glass Houses, by Louise Penny (Minotaur)
Gone Gull, by Donna Andrews (Minotaur)
Gone to Dust, by Matt Goldman (Forge)
The Good Daughter, by Karin Slaughter (Morrow)
I Know a Secret, by Tess Gerritsen (Ballantine)
Impossible Views of the World, by Lucy Ives (Penguin Press)
In a Lonely Place, by Dorothy B. Hughes (NYRB Classics)
A Killer Harvest, by Paul Cleave (Atria)
Kill the Heroes, by David Thurlo (Minotaur)
Kings of Broken Things, by Theodore Wheeler (Little A)
Lawless and the House of Electricity, by William Sutton (Titan)
Little Boy Lost, by J.D. Trafford
(Thomas & Mercer)
Lone Wolf, by Michael Gregorio
(Severn House)
Maigret, Lognon, and the Gangsters, by Georges Simenon (Penguin)
A Nest of Vipers, by Andrea Camilleri (Penguin)
New Haven Noir, edited by Amy Bloom (Akashic)
Nothing Stays Buried, by P.J. Tracy (Putnam)
On Her Majesty’s Frightfully Secret Service, by Rhys Bowen (Berkley)
Ordeal, by Jørn Lier Horst (Minotaur)
The Other Girl, by Erica Spindler (St. Martin’s Press)
The Paris Spy, by Susan Elia MacNeal (Bantam)
Pretty, Nasty, Lovely, by Rosalind Noonan (Kensington)
A Promise of Ruin, by Cuyler Overholt (Sourcebooks Landmark)
A Promise to Kill, by Erik Storey (Scribner)
The Rat Catchers’ Olympics, by Colin Cotterill (Soho Crime)
The Readymade Thief, by Augustus Rose (Viking)
Road, by John Sweeney (Thomas & Mercer)
The Room of White Fire, by T. Jefferson Parker (Putnam)
The Saboteur, by Andrew Gross (Minotaur)
Safe, by Ryan Gattis (MCD/Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
The Savior’s Game, by Sean Chercover (Thomas & Mercer)
Séance Infernale, by Jonathan Skariton (Knopf)
See What I Have Done, by Sarah Schmidt (Atlantic Monthly Press)
Shadow Girl, by Gerry Schmitt (Berkley)
Shattered, by Allison Brennan (Minotaur)
The Silent Second, by Adam Walker Phillips (Prospect Park)
The Silver Gun, by L.A. Chandlar (Kensington)
Sleeping in the Ground, by Peter Robinson (Morrow)
Snap Judgment, by Marcia Clark (Thomas & Mercer)
The Sorbonne Affair, by Mark Pryor (Seventh Street)
Spice Trade, by Erik Mauritzson (Permanent Press)
Stasi Child, by David Young (Minotaur)
The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books, by Martin Edwards (Poisoned Pen Press)*
A Stranger in the House, by Shari Lapena (Pamela Dorman)
Suburra, by Carlo Bonini and Giancarlo De Cataldo (Europa Editions)
Sulfur Springs, by William Kent Krueger (Atria)
Thief’s Mark, by Carla Neggers (Mira)
Unraveling Oliver, by Liz Nugent (Gallery/Scout Press)
The Walls, by Hollie Overton (Redhook)
Y Is for Yesterday, by Sue Grafton (Marian Wood/Putnam)

The Accordionist, by Fred Vargas (Harvill Secker)
After the War, by Hervé Le Corre (MacLehose Press)
Blood Daughter, by Dreda Say Mitchell (Hodder)
The Dead, by Mark Oldfield (Head of Zeus)
The Death of Her, by Debbie Howells (Macmillan)
Did You See Melody? by Sophie Hannah (Hodder & Stoughton)
Fatal Sunset, by Jason Webster (Chatto & Windus)
Follow the Dead, by Lin Anderson (Macmillan)
Good Friday, by Lynda La Plante (Zaffre)
The Habit of Murder, by Susanna Gregory (Sphere)
Insidious Intent, by Val McDermid (Little, Brown)
The Last Act of Hattie Hoffman, by Mindy Mejia (Quercus)
Last Stop Tokyo, by James Buckler (Doubleday)
The Mansions of Murder, by Paul Doherty (Crème de la Crime)
The Night Stalker, by Clare Donoghue (Pan)
The Reckoning, by James McGee (HarperCollins)
The Shock, by Marc Raabe (Manilla)
A Summer Revenge, by Tom Callaghan (Quercus)
The Susan Effect, by Peter Høeg (Harvill Secker)
Taking Liberties, by Helen Black (Constable)
Truly Evil, by Mark Hardie (Sphere)
Warlord, by Chris Ryan (Coronet)
White Knight/Black Swan, by David Gemmell (Gollancz)
The Word Is Murder, by Anthony Horowitz (Century)
Yesterday, by Felicia Yap (Wildfire)

OK, so what have I missed? Please feel free to suggest other promising summer crime and thriller releases in the Comments section at the bottom of this post.


Ritter Ames said...

Great summmer reading list, thank you! And thanks for the mention. Loved hearing the story about you and your brother. Smart guy to trust your opinion :)

Kiwicraig said...

Some great reads there. Appreciate you highlighting all the books on offer Jeff - quite a huge undertaking. I've had the pleasure of reading a few already - ARCs or US releases already released in the UK.

I can definitely give a big thumbs up to A GAME OF GHOSTS by John Connolly, THE LATE SHOW by Michael Connelly, A KILLER HARVEST by Paul Cleave, and THE MARSH KING'S DAUGHTER by Karen Dionne. THE BIRDWATCHER by William Shaw is also a good read - a quieter, patient kind of crime novel, but intriguing.

I was a little disappointed with FATEFUL MORNINGS by Tom Bouman, possibly because I was so high on his debut, DRY BONES IN THE VALLEY. The sophomore effort fell into the 'good not great' category for me, but others may love it a lot more - he is an excellent writer.