Monday, May 29, 2017

Search for Identity

Here’s an occasion I surely would have forgotten, had it not been for this note on the Web site Television Obscurities:
Today marks the 50th anniversary of Coronet Blue. The short-lived CBS drama premiered on May 29th, 1967—nearly two years after it went into production. Frank Converse starred as an amnesiac searching for his identity. The only thing he can remember is the phrase “coronet blue,” but he doesn’t know what it means. Taking the name Michael Alden, the man embarks on a journey filled with danger and intrigue.
You can learn much more about this show by clicking here. The opening title sequence from Coronet Blue can be enjoyed here.

By the way, actor Frank Converse—who would go on from Coronet Blue to co-star with Jack Warden in N.Y.P.D. (1967-1969) and then with Claude Akins in the 1974-1976 trucker drama Movin’ On—just celebrated his 79th birthday on May 22.

READ MORE:Sixties Spy Show Coronet Blue Coming to DVD at Last,” by Matthew Bradford, aka Tanner (Double O Section).


Bill Crider said...

Thanks for this reminder. I watched this one but hadn't thought of it in many years.

David said...

Great show. Wonderful for someone to remember it after all these years.