Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tyrus Toppled

Sorry that this page has been rather quiet for the last few days, but I’ve come down with a hell of a cold, and my head at present suffers from a certain pernicious fuzziness. Nevertheless, I am endeavoring to stay abreast of news developments in the crime-fiction world. That includes the sad item below, from Publishers Weekly:
Simon & Schuster shut down its Tyrus Books imprint last week, according to its publisher, Ben LeRoy, who announced the news Friday afternoon on social media. LeRoy tweeted to his followers, “Hey! For all the folks who know me as Tyrus Books, Tyrus is closing down and now you can just know me as some dude on Twitter.” …

S&S acquired Tyrus Books in November 2016, when it bought Adams Media from F+W. Tyrus Books was one of Adams Media’s three fiction imprints. There are more than 100 Tyrus books in print; the press released about 10 titles each year.

LeRoy founded Tyrus Books in Madison, Wisc., in 2009, after selling his previous company, Bleak House, to Big Earth Publishing. Tyrus then focused on hard-boiled crime fiction. F&W acquired Tyrus in 2013 and its focus expanded; it began publishing literary fiction, including novels with ecological themes.

Disclosing that he will likely return to publishing at a later date, LeRoy said he now intends to focus on political and social justice activism. “After I help stop the world from burning, then I can go back to worrying about books.”
PW adds that “forthcoming summer and fall releases”—such as Loren D. Estleman’s latest short-story collection, Nearly Nero: The Adventures of Claudius Lyon, the Man Who Would Be Wolfe—“will be published by S&S under its Gallery Books imprint.”

(Hat tip to Kevin’s Corner.)

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Kevin R. Tipple said...

While I very much appreciate the mention, i don't think I deserve it. All I did was share the news from PW.