Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Relishing Rader

Kill Me with Kindness, featuring a cover illustration by Paul Rader, was published by Ace Books in 1959. Though credited to “J. Harvey Bond,” this novel was actually written by Russell Winterbotham, who penned crime fiction as well as science fiction and Westerns. Kill Me with Kindness was packaged as a double-novel with Mike Brett’s The Guilty Bystander.

Today begins the final week of Killer Covers’ month-long tribute to renowned paperback cover artist Paul Rader (1906-1986).

This series began with an introduction to Rader’s career and influences, followed that up with an interview with Rader’s daughter, and has continued ever since with daily displays of some of my favorite works from the painter’s oeuvre. Still to come are more beautiful softcover fronts, plus a feature focusing on Rader’s second wife, Edith, whose likeness appeared enough times in his illustrations that she became known as “The Rader Girl.”

You can keep up with the whole series by clicking here.

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