Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Hard Case Goes Graphic

Embroiled as I have been in a large project for my Killer Covers blog (more about that shortly), I haven’t been posting here lately as much as I would prefer. Fortunately, though, B.V. Lawson remains hard on the beat. This comes from her blog, In Reference to Murder:
The Guardian profiled the new line of crime comics from Hard Case Crime and Titan Comics. The stellar lineup starts off today with the release of Triggerman, the tale of a convict in Prohibition-era Chicago on a mission to save the girl he left behind, from Walter Hill, director of 1979 cult classic gang movie The Warriors. That will be followed a week later by Peepland, written by crime authors Gary Phillips and Christa Faust (herself a former peep show employee) about the seedy goings-on at 1980s Times Square peep show booths.
READ MORE:CIS: Christa Faust and Gary Phillips Interviewed
(Crime Fiction Lover).

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