Saturday, September 10, 2016

“One” for Three

Just over two weeks ago, The Rap Sheet announced its latest book-giveaway competition, the prizes up for grabs being three copies of Andrew Gross’ new The One Man, an Alistair MacLean-esque thriller set during World War II. In order to enter this drawing, contestants had to answer one rather simple question:

Which of these Alistair MacLean novels is not a World War II thriller?
(1) HMS Ulysses
(2) Where Eagles Dare
(3) Puppet on a Chain
(4) The Guns of Navarone

We received dozens of submissions before yesterday’s deadline, a few containing wrong answers, but most entrants having selected the correct book, which was of course Puppet on a Chain (1969). From among those accurate contestants, this morning we’ve selected—completely at random—our winners. They are:

Mark Polak of Redondo Beach, California
Jane Robinson of Driftwood, Texas
Al Abramson of Verona, Wisconsin

Congratulations to all three of these Rap Sheet readers! Gross’ New York City-based publisher, St. Martin’s Minotaur, should soon be sending free copies of The One Man directly to you.

Oh, and don’t worry if you failed to make this cut. We should have another book-giveaway challenge arranged in short order.

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Jane R said...

I received my copy of The One Man a couple of days ago. It's now residing on the top of my book pile. Thank you so much!