Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mystery Unsolved … But Rectified

You may have noticed—though perhaps not—that the video clips embedded in The Rap Sheet haven’t been behaving properly over the last couple of weeks. They would all run, sure … but their orientation was off, shifted slightly to the right, and their bottom-of-frame controls had completely disappeared for no good reason whatsoever. I never did figure out what went wrong. The coding for each video seemed to be correct, and every time I tried to reload a video, it came out looking just as goofy as the previous version.

Fortunately, those videos have now corrected themselves.

Over the years of my working with the Blogger software, I’ve encountered such unexplainable oddities on several occasions. Not long ago, for instance, all photographs that I’d designed to extend from one side of this main text column to the other were suddenly slightly narrower. In that case, I tried to fix a few recent photos by widening them … only to have Blogger mend itself soon afterward and leave my newly modified shots too wide for the column. Grrr!

The lesson is to be patient (even more than normal), and assume that whatever goes wrong will eventually be set right by the Blogger technophiles. With the latest problems now apparently put right, I can once more risk embedding videos on this page.

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