Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Long Road to the Big Easy

Well, now I’ve gone and done it: registered to attend Bouchercon 2016 in New Orleans. For months, I had been thinking I might take a pass on the convention this year. But then again, it is taking place in one of my favorite cities in the world, where I can dine on some of the best beignets, gumbo, and hushpuppies around. And there will be a number of authors attending who I’d very much like to see, including Robert Wilson, Martin Edwards, Patti Abbott, Megan Abbott, James Sallis, Steve Hamilton, Kelli Stanley, Max Allan Collins and Barbara Collins, Art Taylor, Lori Rader-Day, and J. Robert Janes. And I did find a screamin’ deal on a hotel in the city’s Arts/Warehouse District. And the next few Bouchercons will be held in places I find less interesting (Toronto, Dallas, St. Petersburg), so I can always skip those instead.

All of which led me to finally plunk down my $185 and sign up. I won’t be participating in any panel discussions, by my own choice (I lack anything approaching public-speaking skills), but I shall be attending as many convention events as I can … when I am not out and about in the French Quarter or elsewhere in New Orleans, soaking up the atmosphere and downing the local cuisine.

It should be fun! I hope to see a few Rap Sheet readers there.


Dana King said...

Great news. Let's not only see each other this year, but recognize each other. (Unlike last year when Ali Karim gathered us into a picture and neither of us knew who the other was until later.)

Looking forward to it.

Art Taylor said...

Ha! Catching up on my favorite blogs, and as soon as I saw the headline here, I was ready to send a "See you there!" reply. Little did I expect to see my own name in the post itself!

Count this as a doubly enthusiastic "See you there!" My own first time in New Orleans--can't wait!

June Lorraine Roberts said...

No, no! Please don't skip Toronto or I won't have a chance to meet you
June Lorraine
In the 6ix