Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Paring Down the Ned Rivals

Courtesy of AustCrime, we can now bring you the shortlist of nominees for the 2016 Ned Kelly Awards, sponsored by the Australian Crime Writers Association.

Best Fiction:
Ash Island, by Barry Maitland (Text)
Before It Breaks, by Dave Warner (Fremantle Press)
Fall, by Candice Fox (Bantam)
R&R, by Mark Dapin (Viking Australia)
Rain Dogs, by Adrian McKinty (Allen & Unwin)
The Heat, by Garry Disher (Text)

Best First Fiction:
Amplify, by Mark Hollands (Kylie Davis)
Four Days, by Iain Ryan (Broken River)
Good Money, by J.M. Green (Scribe)
Please Don’t Leave Me Here, by Tania Chandler (Scribe)
Resurrection Bay, by Emma Viskic (Echo)
Skin Deep, by Gary Kemble (Echo)

True Crime:
A Murder Without Motive, by Martin McKenzie-Murray (Scribe)
Certain Admissions, by Gideon Haigh (Penguin)
Kidnapped, by Mark Tedeschi (Simon & Schuster)
Killing Love, by Rebecca Poulson (Simon & Schuster)
The Sting, by Kate Kyriacou (Echo)

In addition, AustCrime reports, this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award will honor Carmel Shute, “a founder and national co-convener of Sisters in Crime Australia ... [who] has spent 25 years supporting and nurturing Australian women crime writers.”

The full roster of 2016 winners will be announced on Sunday, August 28, during the Melbourne Writers Festival.

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