Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Bad Love and Trouble

For my first Kirkus Reviews column of 2016, I read and have now critiqued A Thousand Falling Crows (Seventh Street), Larry D. Sweazy’s new crime novel. Set in Depression-era Texas, it introduces us to veteran Texas Ranger Lester “Sonny” Burton, whose bullet-ridden run-in with most-wanted young lovers Bonnie and Clyde leaves him short one arm and with scant future employment prospects.

But, as I observe in Kirkus, “just as the ex-lawman is despairing at the need to strap on a prosthetic limb, and about ready to give up on himself, along comes a plea for help and the chance of a fresh purpose to his life.” It seems a teenage Mexican girl has gone missing—seduced into the company of two nefarious, bad-luck brothers—and her father wants Sonny to locate and retrieve his daughter before she runs too far afoul of the law. “You will always be a Texas Ranger, Señor Burton,” the father tells Sonny. “Everybody knows that but you. They did not cut your courage out when they took your arm.”

You’ll find my full review here.

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