Friday, December 04, 2015

You’re the Tops*

The Boston Globe is finally out with its “Best Books of 2015” feature, which includes (if you scroll down far enough on the page) 15 entries in the Mystery category. Adrian McKinty’s Gun Street Girl wins a mention, as do Steph Cha’s Dead Soon Enough, Deon Meyer’s Icarus, Sue Grafton’s X, and Duane Swierczynski’s Canary.

BOLO Books’ Kristopher Zgorski also weighs in with his “Top Reads of 2015” list (not confined to works first published this year). Becky Masterman (Fear the Darkness), Brian Panowich (Bull Mountain), Lori Rader-Day (Little Pretty Things), and Chris Holm (The Killing Kind) are among the 15 authors who should applaud Zgorski’s taste.

* And yes, I did have a certain Cole Porter song in mind when writing this.

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Kristopher said...

Thanks for sharing the list! Really, only two of the titles are not 2015 books - one 2014 novel and one 2016 novel. The rest are legit Best of 2015.