Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stick-with-You Stories

As I mentioned a month ago, I was tapped to participate in a panel discussion during Bouchercon 2015, which took place this last week in Raleigh, North Carolina. My fellow book critics and I were asked to speak about some of the crime, mystery, and thriller novels that have satisfied and/or surprised us most over the years. I began with a list of way too many choices, but finally pared that down to 10 titles.

Because most readers could not be on hand for that discussion in Raleigh, I decided to devote my latest Kirkus Reviews column to my 10 picks. I wrote the column last week, just before departing for the South. But it was only posted here today.

FOLLOW-UP: A reader who signs him- or herself only as “Anonymous” has asked in the Comments section of this item, “Is there any way one could see what works the other panelists cited?” Well, ask and ye shall receive. As it happens, moderators Stan Ulrich and Lucinda Surbur compiled the picks from all five members of that panel, and handed out copies of the list to our audience members. I’ve scanned the original sheet and posted it below. Click for an enlargement.

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Is there any way one could see what works the other panelists cited.