Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Pierce’s Picks

A weekly alert for followers of crime, mystery, and thriller fiction.

Down Among the Dead Men, by Peter Lovesey (Soho Crime), reintroduces us into the company of irascible Chief Superintendent Peter Diamond (The Stone Wife), who has left his beloved Bath to head off for Sussex, where he and his boss, Assistant Chief Constable Georgina Dallymore, are to investigate a senior police officer who may have covered up information in a homicide inquiry seven years earlier. Could this case be in some way connected to the more recent disappearance of a broadly detested art teacher from an exclusive girl’s school? The Devil’s Share, by Wallace Stroby (Minotaur), is the fourth novel to feature career thief Crissa Stone (last seen in Shoot the Woman First). Here, Crissa ends a year-long period of safe inactivity in order to take on a thief-for-hire gig. A deep-pocketed art collector wants her assistance to steal a truckload of Iraqi artifacts before they’re sent back to their homeland. What promised to be an uncomplicated robbery, though, turns out to be anything but … and sends our heroine from the wrong side of the law back on the run, evading her partners in larceny as well as a former military hit squad with a worrisome record of success.

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