Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Who Says TV Has Run Out of Ideas?

This item comes from the blog Flavorwire:
Jack Bauer’s back--well, not exactly. Fox is working on a 24 spinoff, but the series will feature a new male lead, partnered with a new veteran female agent. The current plan is for a one-off season, like last summer’s 24: Live Another Day, but Fox is reportedly open to the spin-off becoming a long-term fixture. Their decision will more than likely hinge on how audiences react to 24 without Jack Bauer. Will it be macaroni without the cheese? Or will it be more like Mad Men without the original Bobby Draper--who at one point seemed to changed every couple of episodes, without anyone noticing?

Speaking at last Sunday’s Critics Choice Awards,
24 show runner Howard Gordon told TVLine that original stars Kiefer Sutherland and Yvonne Stahovski wouldn’t star in the spinoff, but may appear as guests.
If you must, read more about these programming plans here.

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